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Surjivan Resort -Day Picnic Near Delhi NCR

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Surjivan Resort -Overview

Surjivan is old world charm brought back to life. Spread out in 50 acres of farmlands, the ethnic resort is drawn upon traditional Indian ways of living.

Theme developed evoking our deep bonding with nature, this oasis of greenery is an escape from concrete jungles, one that rejuvenates and nourishes life, nurses the soul and reconnects you with the simplicity of ethnic living.

Self insulating cottages at the award winning eco-friendly retreat are built from sun baked bricks. The thatched roofs with 'Jarokhas' fan natural aeration and cooling in summer and are warmer in winter. Solar power lit interiors are ornamented with tribal art, done by master tribal artists.

The walls depict spiritually enhancing millennia old 'Vedic Yantra Motifs' that cast a therapeutic spell. Each individual hut is uniquely furnished and aesthetically decorated. The mud walls are draped in natural organic colours that are in harmony with the environs.

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